Measuring for Bracelet

Actual Wrist Measurements

CM Inches MM Size
13 cm 5.11 in 130 mm Very Small
14 cm 5.51 in 140 mm XX Small
15 cm 5.9 in 150 mm X Small
16 cm 6.29 in 160 mm Small
17 cm 6.69 in 170 mm Medium
18 cm 7.08 in 180 mm Large
19 cm 7.48 in 190 mm X Large
20 cm 7.87 in 200 mm XX Large

Flexible Rule to Measure

With flexible rule in the wrist, the finest point close to the skin around a circle without any gap. A circle is the length of the circumference.

DYI Measurement

Use the note or line around the wrist the finest pont close to the skin around a circle, in the corner of marking with a ruler measure the length of the piece of paper or line is hand round.