Head Measurements

Head Measurements

This chart will help you select the correct size of necklace that will fit around the circumfrance of your head.

Necklace Size Forehead Size
24 in 22 in & Below
26 in 24 in & Below
28 in 26 in & Below
30 in 28 in & Below
32 in All Sizes
34 in All Sizes
36 in All Sizes
38 in & Up All Sizes

Measuring Tape to Get Your Size

Wrap it around your head at the point you have a comfortable fit. For most people this is the widest point of your head - normally across your forehead, about 1 inch above your ears. 

Our necklaces are macrame finish; no clasps. When selecting a necklace (by using the chart above) be sure to select a necklace that is no less than 2 (two) inches above your measurement. Example; you have a head circumference size of 23 inches. You can only select nothing smaller than 25 inch necklace which we do not carry but the next in line is 26 inch necklace.