Luxunius Elephant Necklace

This was a custom made set for a client that loved orange and elephants. Our client was very happy with the final product. 

28" Necklace: Elephant Pendant, Tridacna Gemstone, Howlite Stone, Clear Quartz Crystal

Elephant Pendant

the Elephant. ... The symbolism of elephants deals primarily with strength, honor, stability, and patience. From Hindu mythology, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects.


Orange Jasper Gemstone:
Jasper Gemstone is a semiprecious gemstone belonging to the Quartz family and is one of the oldest known gemstones. Jasper is one of the birthstones listed for the Sun Sign of Virgo. It is also the Birthstone for the month of October. This stone is used to cure gynecological problems and problems related to the stomach. Jasper is a strong securing and emotionally calming gemstone and helps in relieving stress. This stone also offers powerful protection against things that are not good for you and helps in balancing vibrations of the body and thereby used in healing as it absorbs negative energy and cleans and aligns the chakras.

 is a lovely stone to use when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions and stress. Howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression and assist in the elimination of pain, stress and/or rage.

Tridacna is the most white substance in the world, it is also a rare organic gemstone, Buddhist relics. From gemstone point of view, tridacna calm shell has a pearl luster and glossy but has a pure white color, only the glossy and delicate textured calm shell can be chosen to make tridacna jewelry.

Clear Quartz

A universal healer, it links to all chakras to provide balance and harmony. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other crystal. By elevating thoughts and perspective, it will help manifest your intentions like never before.

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