How to Boost Your Immune System | Ask Men

How to Boost Your Immune System | askmen

While we’re all feeling a little uncertain right now as the world scrambles to contain the coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19), taking back control and shifting your narrative by way of boosting your own immunity and focusing on your personal wellness is not only empowering, it’s imperative.

According to Tsao-Lin Moy, Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine specialist in New York, the best way to boost immunity naturally is to take something that you already do (such as sleeping, eating habits and mindset) and make small shifts so that it becomes part of a routine.

With that in mind, we reached out to a handful of doctors and nutritionists to get their insights on exactly how we can boost our immunity and take better care of ourselves without doing a total lifestyle 180. Here’s what they suggest doing in order to help ward off, avoid or fight illness as efficiently as possible – most of which can be easily integrated into your day-to-day.

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