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We are in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis that is bringing up feelings of fear and uncertainty for many of us. But from people finding creative and resourceful ways to help their community to CEOs giving up their yearly salaries to avoid lay-offs, the coronavirus pandemic has also shown us moments of exemplary leadership.

Mentally strong leaders are needed now more than ever. And you can become one of them if you adopt habits that build grit and resilience. We asked two seasoned leaders to share their insights on the topic of mental strength: Olympic diver turned serial entrepreneur and Engel & Völkers broker Christopher Kalec, and Marc Angelo Coppola, founder of Superhero Academy, a mentorship platform, and Valhalla Farms, a sustainable community.

While Kalec and Coppola have very different backgrounds, they both share the opinion that mental strength is developed through experience. “I’ve learned many rough lessons, have faced huge walls both mentally and emotionally and have learned to persevere,” says Kalec. “My experiences have taught me to recognize that mental strength is a practice and a muscle like any other,” says Coppola.

Ready to buckle down and get intentional about building the inner strength that will help you face unexpected challenges and overcome obstacles? Here are six habits mentally strong leaders embrace.

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