Golden Tiger's Eye

Golden Tiger's Eye has meaning and properties to adjust energy balance. It is a gemstone which can obtain the balance power with offence strength and defense power. If you need to conflict, you will be able to give courage and vitality. When defensive is necessary, it gives you calmness and insight. It is an excellent gemstone that will prevent you from becoming extreme.

Golden Tiger's Eye has meaning and properties to enhance intuition. It is a gemstone that sees the essence of things intuitively. It will help you to find clear answers. It's also useful when you want to go to the right path.

Golden Tiger's Eye is a gemstone symbolizing 'eye of the tiger' as its name. It has been handed down as 'I won't let go of the prizes I aimed for'. It'll support you to acquire the opportunity well and lead to a success. It is also recommended when you want to achieve your goal to the end.

Golden Tiger's Eye has the meaning and properties to fulfill the effort so far. It is a gemstone whose power increases according to the effort time you took. It is popular as a charm to support hard-working people. It is recommended for those who desire a correct evaluation of talent and ability.

Tiger's Eye is a gemstone whose name changes according to color. The type which decolorized Yellow Tiger's Eye is called 'Golden Tiger's Eye'. It is brighter than the normal Tiger's Eye. In yellow and gold color, the theme changes subtly. Yellow is a symbol of "light", which is an image that brightens life. Golden is a symbol of "shine", which is an image to polish you. Please select the adequate Tiger's Eye according to your application. Since the basic meaning and properties are duplicated, there is no problem even if you choose from the appearance.

The bracelet type of Golden Tiger's Eye is popular. Distribution volume will be less than general Yellow Tiger's Eye. If you want to choose a design, Yellow Tiger's Eye is recommended. The price is higher for Golden Tiger's Eye, because it takes time and effort to decolorize the stone. To that extent, the finish becomes to have a bright atmosphere.

Golden Tiger's Eye has meaning and properties to embody ideas. It is a gemstone to prompt to carry out your words. It will try not to end your dreams as fantasy. It's perfect for when you want to improve your ability to act.

Golden Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that has meaning and properties to accurately seek out what people want. In order to achieve great success, it is necessary to accurately meet customer's requests. By using this stone correctly, the door of success will be opened. It is a gemstone that helps to create valuable services.