Green Tiger Eye

Green Tiger's Eye has meaning and properties to enforce mental strength. It has been used for purposes such as protecting yourself from surrounding expectations and pressure. It is highly supported by executives and managers. It will prevent the collapse of the mind and achieve results consistently.

Green Tiger's Eye has meaning and properties to give courage to move forward. It is a gemstone which the soldiers who go to the battlefield preferentially used. It is also used for purposes such as overcoming fear and anxiety. You will be given strength to survive the battle. It is popular as an amulet for improving business luck.

Green Tiger's Eye is famous as amulet to avoid evil energy. It has been useful as a charm to see through negative energy. It is used to secure the owner's safety. People wear this stone as a talisman of travel and business trip. It is also suitable as the gifts for people who travel.

Green Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that has meaning and properties to charge energy shortage. It is a gemstone that symbolizes 'tiger' as its name and hold powerful energy in it. It will give you stamina for living in society. It makes success the hunts by the name of work, and a lot of wealth is built. It is a gemstone that you can rely on one way or another.

Tiger's Eye has many color variations. Green Tiger's Eye is often produced by dyeing. The meaning and properties of green is added to the power of Tiger's Eye. Green is the symbol of "affection", "neutral", "balance", "credit" and "belief". Elements that cannot be obtained with common Yellow Tiger's Eye will be obtained.

Green Tiger's Eye is a gemstone with little distribution volume. Since there are fewer numbers than popular "yellow", "red" and "blue", we have to check and look for some shops. Especially if there is no particular preference for color, you will get a general Tiger's Eye. The price is not much different from general Tiger's Eye.

Green Tiger's Eye is a gemstone that has meaning and properties to see the truth. The distinctive "tiger's eye pattern" will enhance the owner's eye strength. It helps when you get lost in your life, for example. It is a gemstone to lead you to the best future.

Green Tiger's Eye is a gemstone to increase continuity. It is used for the purpose of sustaining energy and motivation. It is also popular as a talisman to prevent procrastination. You will be given the power to accomplish the goal once you have decided.